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InSightâ„¢ EZ: Easy Benchmarking for Associations

InSight EZ

It’s Never Been Easier to Incorporate Benchmarking to Evaluate and Prioritize Improvement Opportunities for Your Annual Meeting and IT Department

Associations are constantly seeking new ways for improving their performance and gaining a competitive advantage. Many associations recognize the value of learning from best practices that have been achieved by other organizations. By removing the need to “reinvent the wheel” and providing the potential to adopt proven practices, benchmarking is an important methodology in organizational development because it enables the identification of best practices and serves as a vehicle for breakthrough thinking.

InSight EZ supports association professionals in making informed, data-driven decisions by providing easy access to industry data comparisons.

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InSight EZ

The careful examination of your organization’s current practices is often the key catalyst for driving change and process improvement. InSight EZ is a low-tech, high-impact solution for helping meeting planners and IT leaders develop the most clear, complete and realistic picture performance and success.

InSight EZ is just that, easy! Most associations already have everything needed to populate InSight EZ in about 10 minutes using their standard financial reports broken out by individual department revenues and expenses.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Simply login to the user-friendly InSight EZ interface
  2. Input your organization’s data on key metrics related to a thoughtful breakdown of your annual meeting and IT department revenue and expenses.
  3. Get immediate access to tools that allow you to compare your organization’s information to others – based on the comparison metrics YOU define.
  4. Communicate your findings quickly and easily with built-in reports that include charts and graphs.
  5. Evaluate your position and practices over time with quarterly summary reports that highlight overall trends and key findings.

Best of all, it’s free! So grab your latest budget report and sign in, today! The InSight EZ surveys each take only 10-15 minutes to complete so there’s no reason not to. And remember, the more associations that participate, the more powerful the data becomes – please feel free to forward this web link on to all of your association industry colleagues.


Watch the InSight Video! Take me to InSight EZ!

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