Awards & Scholarship Committee

Awards & Scholarship Committee

Association Forum’s awards honor the best and brightest in the association community. The committee is responsible for all of Association Forum’s awards, unless specifically excluded by Board policy. Additionally, Association Forum and USAE have joined together to provide the Forty Under Forty® recognition program which will be managed by the Awards and Scholarship Committee. This committee will work with staff to develop and promote the next generation of leaders and the Association Forum Awards and Recognition program.

The Committee:

  • Reviews and modifies criteria for award application, nomination and selection of the Honors and Forty Under 40 Awards.
  • Actively encourages other Association Forum members and non-members to apply for the Forty Under 40 Awards.
  • Actively encourages other Association Forum members to nominate deserving candidates for the Honor Awards.
  • Abides by the committee’s nomination policy to not nominate colleagues or participate in discussions if committee members have a personal or professional relationship with the nominee.
  • Develops/manages the award process to ensure nominations and applications submitted meet the criteria of the committee’s eligibility policies.
  • Makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on Honors Awards honoree selections.
  • Solicits awards applications and nominations from a diverse population of professionals to ensure equal representation of applicants.

This Committee Is Recommended for Members Who Are:

  • Willing to actively seek out and encourage peers to submit applications and/or nominations for awards.
  • Familiar with association awards programs.
  • Actively engaged in the association industry.
  • Past chairs of the Association Forum Board of Directors, past honorees and Association Professional or Supplier Partner members.
  • Interested in recognizing and developing more seasoned and the next generation of association industry leaders.
  • Are Association Professional, Consultant or Supplier Partner members of Association Forum.

Time Commitment:

  • Attend at face-to-face committee meetings (minimum of two).
  • If schedule permits, attend Forum Forward, Holiday Showcase and the Honors Gala.
  • Participate in conference calls as scheduled throughout the year. 

*Please note that participation on this committee does not result in discounted or free registration for Association Forum events.


Michael Cunningham, CAE


Kerry Amato, CAE
Coura Badiane, MBA, CAE
Ewa Greenier, MPH, MBA, CAE
Sloane Grubb
Carolyn Guyton-Ringbloom
Kristin Hellquist, CAE
Tracy Hollamon
Joseph Jackson, CAE
Lannisa James, MBA, CAE
Teri Jordan, CAE, CMP
Allison Lundberg
Kristin McGill, MBA
Peggy Murray Hagaman, CIS
Nikki Palluzzi, CAE
Roberta Rewers
Phillip Ridley, CMP
Vivian Ross, MAFM
Holly Schambach
Jennifer Wahl

Board Liaison
Lynne Thomas Gordon, CAE

Staff Contact
Caryn Adolph