Centennial Celebration

Celebrate Association Forum's Centennial anniversary

Association Forum is proud of our 100-year history and we are celebrating in some major ways. Thank you to our Centennial Celebration Task Force and all of our Centennial Celebration partners who make it possible.

Community Service Day | Sept. 28, 2016

On Sept. 28, 2016, Association Forum’s exact 100th anniversary date, 20 volunteers joined Forum staff in a Centennial Day of Service.  Volunteers played bingo with the senior residents of the Fred C. Matthews YMCA and played games and helped kids with their homework at the South Side YMCA.  A big thank you to our volunteers for their participation and service to 15 seniors and almost 50 children!


Thank you to our

Corporate Social Responsibility Partner:

Association Forum is pleased to support

the YMCA of Metro Chicago



FORUM Magazine Signature Stories

To commemorate Association Forum’s Centennial Celebration, in each 2016 issue of FORUM, we take a look back at some of our Signature Stories from the past 10 years and where they stand today. View the signature stories here. Look for an extra special issue in September!

Enhanced Signature Events
Holiday Showcase | Dec. 15, 2016— Look forward to a completely revamped expo hall that will include a technology termina, elevated opportunities for conducting the business of meetings, and a host of other enhancements to bolster both the exhibitor and attendee experience. And back by popular demand, the opening mega reception at the Hyatt Regency Chicago on Dec. 14. 

Plus, we will continue to focus on corporate social responsibility by asking attendees to stuff holiday gift bags for the children of the YMCA of Metro Chicago.  Diaper donations will also be collected for The Cradle.

Honors Gala | June 23, 2016— Honors Gala is a long-standing tradition for associations in the Chicago area and serves as Association Forum Foundation’s cornerstone fundraising event of the year. This year, we recognized all past Samuel B. Shapiro Award winners along with the 2016 recipients of the John C. Thiel Distinguished Service Award, the Inspiring Leader Award and the Association Professional Achievement Award. The next Samuel B. Shapiro Award winner will be selected with the 2017 Honors Awards. CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS!