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  • By John and Jacki Davidoff ( This article originally appeared in the March 2018 issue of FORUM)   Last Friday, the board of directors of a prominent organization received a presentation by its law ...

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  • This article originally appeared in the June/July 2018 issue of FORUM- View PDF By Dan Pietroske   Audio programs for associations are nothing new. In fact, some organizations have been doing them ...

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  • Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    This didn't get traction in the Meeting Professionals SIG, so I'm reposting here: We host our Board meeting in conjunction with another industry meeting, which will be taking place at McCormick in September. I'm looking for a Board room setup for 14, ...

  • Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    Hello everyone! We are hosting a two day membership convention with many vendors and booths, as well as informational sessions, etc. I am told there is up to 5,000 attendees usually. I am working on an angle for how and what we could do to fund raise ...

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    RE: Flash cards

    Posted in: All Member Meet Up

    Hi Renee, We are currently working with Higher Learning Technologies (HLT) on developing mobile app versions of our hard copy certification exam prep flashcards.  Their pricing model was better than others we considered, and we retain ownership of our ...

By attending the various Shared Interest Groups (SIGs), I not only learned how to excel in my role but also made meaningful relationships with members of other associations.

 - Derrick Mitchell -

Governance and Operations Specialist
American Hospital Association

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