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Congratulations on finally taking the big step to share your knowledge and expertise with the world!  Well, maybe not the world…or just not yet anyway. We’re just excited you stopped by to visit us.

We’ve pulled a few resources together to help you prepare for your next speaking engagement. We want to make sure we’re doing everything possible to make your next event a success! 


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What’s In & What’s Out?

We would hate for you to prepare a presentation surrounding a topic that no one is interested in. That would be pure devastation! To avoid such a tragedy, click here to view the latest trends! 

Don’t Bore Your Audience…Present Strong!

Every speaker wants their audience to have a memorable experience. This comes with passion, experience and a successful presentation. Before you break out your first slide (riddled with bullets) please remember to:

Tips & Tricks

  1. Bring a backup copy
  2. Include your session title on your first slide
  3. Allow for Q&A throughout your presentation
  4. Embed graphics vs. text (attendees came to hear your ideas, not to listen as you read slides verbatim)
  5. Keep your notes to yourself…avoid bullets! This will keep your audience from reading ahead and losing interest.
  6. K.I.S.S. your slides (Keep It Short & Simple) Enough said!
  7. Limit the amount of information on a single slide
  8. Use a large font
  9. Avoid red letters as they can be difficult to read
  10. Do not use more than four colors
  11. List your contact information on your last slide

Time Guidelines

  • 45 min presentation = 15 slides max
  • 60 min presentation = 20 slides max
  • 75 min presentation = 25 slides max
  • 90 min presentation = 30 slides max

Additional Resources


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  5. Presentation Delivery
  6. Effective Presentation Design


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