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Your Gateway to a $10.3 Billion Audience

Elevate Your Brand with Chicago's Premier Associations!

In the bustling heart of the United States lies a market pulsating with untapped potential. Renowned for its vibrant association community, Chicago opens a realm of opportunities for brands aspiring to forge influential connections, drive unparalleled visibility, and yield substantial returns on investment. By partnering with us, you step into a sphere where your brand doesn't just speak — it resonates.

Why Chicago Associations? Real ROI, Boundless Growth.

A Thriving Association Hub:

  • Stand at the forefront of the nation’s second-largest association community.
  • Immerse in the epicenter of healthcare associations, boasting the highest concentration of medical societies in the U.S.
  • Engage directly with over 1,700 associations, reaching 37 million members and 9 million donors globally.
  • Benefit from an infrastructure supported by 47,000 dedicated association professionals.
  • Amplify your presence at events by meeting key decision makers across the association management industry.

Chicagoland associations are financial powerhouses:

  • Combined budgets of more than $10 billion
  • Control more than $2 billion in meetings and convention expenditures.
  • Spend more than $500 million a year to print and publish magazines, newsletters, brochures and other materials.
  • Spend around $294 million on IT/web services, $79 million on legal services, $41 million on accounting and $21 million on lobbying.

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Introducing Excelerate

Get ready to ignite your brand's potential like never before! Introducing our dazzling new partnership program, a rocket ship designed to catapult your identity to new heights of prestige and innovation. 

Dive deep into the heart of what's vital to our members with this series, a custom-curated treasure chest of opportunities, blending your brand's signature flair with cutting-edge research, elite education, and events that transform the narrative. 

Unlock a universe of our most coveted programs and services; all fine-tuned to boost your star power in the industry cosmos. 

Excelerate themes:

  • Intrapreneurship: Foster an entrepreneurial spirit within corporate structures and catalyze change and innovation.

  • Tomorrow Is Now: Anticipate the future today; align with advancements and trends shaping the next decade.

  • “New Power” Leadership: Empower dynamic leadership styles; drive change, champion collaboration, and instigate progress.

Get in Front of Decision-makers with Year-Round Partnership Events: 

  • Honors Gala: Mingle with the mavens of industry at our illustrious Honors Gala, a time-honored tradition celebrating excellence and innovation.
  • Holiday Showcase®: Mark your calendar for the most anticipated trade show of the year, drawing over 1,000 attendees annually. Unrivalled networking, education, and celebration await.
  • Healthcare Collaborative: Join forces with top-tier healthcare organizations in a collaborative effort to address today’s most pressing health challenges.
  • Women's Executive Program™: Elevate corporate feminism with this empowering event, designed to inspire, educate, and boost women in the workplace.

Position Your Brand, Front, and Center through Advertising Opportunities:

  • Command attention from decision-makers representing national and international organizations. 
  • Our diverse advertising options offer you the spotlight, positioning your brand amidst the who's who of the association world. 
  • From print to digital, your message will not just be seen—it will echo throughout Chicago’s association landscape.


Ready to transcend traditional boundaries?


Partner with us. Together, we’ll craft a narrative of success that’s not just compelling but also quintessentially yours.

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