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Our association management resource library is one-stop shopping for the best practices, guidelines and templates you need to succeed. Find resources related on everything from association governance and diversity to human resources and technology and association ethics, finance, education and law.

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Conflict of Interest Policy and Disclosure Form

Officers and directors of not-for-profit corporations have fiduciary obligations to the organization and its members under not-for-profit and general corporate law.

Certified Dental Assistant Guide (Dental Assisting National Board)

This certification guide is used by candidates for CDA certification. It contains information regarding testing formats and sites, certification requirements, application statements, special accommodations form, and a very detailed application.

Volunteer Agreement and Conflict of Interest Statements (Association Forum)

The Volunteer Agreement is intended to let individuals know what will be expected of them. The Conflict of Interest form provides assurance that all potential conflicts will be disclosed.

Committee Evaluation - Experience (Association Forum) 

Committee/task force members use this form to evaluate their experience as a Forum volunteer.

Intergovernmental Agreement (Northeastern Illinois Public Safety Training Academy) 

This document is both NIPSTA's bylaws and contract with its constituent agencies.

Financial Policy (American Dietetic Association) 

ADA's financial policy is primarily a statement of their reserve policy.

Personal/Professional Data Form (American Dental Hygienists’ Association)

This is the form that ADHA requires all volunteer leaders to complete and sign.

New Marketing Project Worksheet 

New Marketing Project Worksheet

Letter to Potential Faculty Member (Illinois Academy of Family Physicians) 

This is a sample of the letter that IAFP sends to prospective faculty members.

Chapter Guidebook (American College of Surgeons) 

This extensive chapter manual includes all the information that ACS chapters need for start-up and day-to-day operations.

E-Mail Policy (Chicago Law Partners) 

This policy is basically a statement of the CAN-SPAM rules and affirms the association's intent to abide by the law.

Chapter Agreement (American College of Healthcare Executives)

This is a sample association chapter agreement for a combined membership structure.

CAE Orientation - So You Want to be a Certified Association Executive 

This presentation is used by the Association Forum’s CAE Working Group to inform candidates about the CAE certification. It contains information regarding certification requirements, the application process and study groups.

Staff Policy and Procedures Manual (American Society of Home Inspectors) 

In addition to policy and procedural information, ASHI's manual includes a number of very detailed job descriptions that may be useful as templates.

Certified Dental Practice Management Administrator (Dental Assisting National Board) 

This certification guide is used by candidates for CDPMA certification. It contains information regarding testing formats and sites, fee structure, eligibility requirements, special accommodations form, and a detailed application.

Capital Fund Policy (International Carwash Association) 

ICA's Board of Directors established the Capital Fund in order to designate assets of the Association for future expenditure. The establishment of the Capital Fund allowed the Board of Directors to “earmark” a portion of it’s “net assets” for investment in future programs, products and services.

Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse Candidate Handbook

This document contains the materials required to achieve the CNRN designation including: eligibility requirements, revocation of certification, denial of application and appeal process, frequently asked questions, and an examination matrix.

Employee Handbook (Air Movement and Control Association International) 

In addition to the standard employee manual material, AMCAI's handbook includes samples of policies.

Insurance Policy (American Dietetic Association) 

This policy ensures that the American Dietetic Association (ADA), American Dietetic Association Foundation (ADAF), Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) and Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE) have the appropriate types and levels of insurance to protect them from legal and financial risks.

Confidentiality and Duality Interest Statement and Agreement for the Board of Directors 

American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons Conflict of Interest Statement

Committee Evaluation - Chair (Association Forum) 

Board liaisons use this form to evaluate the performance of committee/task force chairs.

Resignation Survey (National Roofing Contractors Association) 

This is a sample of the form that NRCA uses to track the reasons for member resignations.

Membership Renewal Process Samples 

Samples of dues notices, advertisements and envelope.

Letter to CME (Continuing Medical Education) Directors (Illinois Academy of Family Physicians) 

Sample of letter used by IAFP to promote sponsorship of CME courses at member sites.

Expense Reimbursement Policy (International Carwash Association) 

This policy statement includes expense reimbursement guidelines for board members attending annual meetings and for Officers, Committee and Task Force members, staff, and others for expenses related to the execution of their duties.

Recertification Application and Handbook (American Board of Neuroscience Nursing) 

This handbook lists the re-certification requirements for the CNRN designation.

Office Safety Manual (Association Forum) 

The Association Forum's Office Safety Manual is designed to be an evolving document.

Credit Policy (American Dietetic Association) 

This document contains ADA's policy regarding acceptance of credit card payment for products and programs.

Renewal Letter (National Roofing Contractors Association) 

This is an example of the cover letter that NRCA sends out with their renewal notices.

Real Estate Advisor Request For Proposals (National Sporting Goods Association) 

This RFP is one example to generate a list of potential advisors from which the organization can select the firm best meeting its needs.

Bylaws (Association Forum) 

These are the bylaws governing the Association Forum. They include information about membership and governance structure, etc.

Call for Faculty Members (Illinois Academy of Family Physicians) 

Fax-back form calling for IAFP faculty members.

Committee Evaluation - Volunteer (Association Forum) 

Committee/task force chairs and board liaisons use this form to evaluate the participation of volunteers.

Financial Policy (International Carwash Association) 

Sections of ICA's financial policy statement include: budget, reporting, budget amendments, 5% rule, and unrealized gain or loss on investments.

Conflict of Interest Statement and Disclosure Statement 

This document contains both a list of expectations of members of ICAAP in regard to conflicts of interest.

Employee Handbook (AFSM International) 

AFSMI's Employee Handbook contains standard employee manual language and includes sample policies.

Investment Policy (American Dietetic Association) 

This statement represents ADA's policy on investments including target asset mix.

Certified Orthodontic Assistant Guide (Dental Assisting National Board) 

This certification guide is used by candidates for COA certification. It contains information regarding testing formats and sites, component exams, fee structure, eligibility requirements, special accommodations form, improper behavior, and a detailed application.

Code of Ethics (Illinois Farm Bureau) 

This document includes valuable samples and information for an organization that is trying to create or revise a code of ethics.

CEO Sample Agreement (Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg) 

This document is a sample CEO agreement created by Forum's legal counsel, Neal Gerber & Eisenberg. The sample does a good job of laying out the elements that should be considered when negotiating a CEO Agreement.

Bylaws (American Dental Hygienists’ Association)

ADHA's bylaws contain sections regarding the selection and service of officers, committee structure, etc.

FLSA: Exempt or NonExempt Flowchart

Flowchart to help in determining whether an employee is exempt or non-exempt.


FLSA Update FAQ's

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) has released updated rules regarding which employees can be exempt from overtime under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Beginning December 1, 2016, employees will not only have to meet one of the exemption tests set out in the FLSA, they must also earn at least $47,476 annually ($913 weekly) to be classified as exempt.

FLSA: New Rules for employers and employees

New rules and compliance strategies