Membership Engagement Committee

Membership Engagement Committee

The Membership Engagement Committee is an enthusiastic and proactive group of members that aims to expand and energize the Association Forum community. The primary objective of this committee is to work closely with the Board and staff to develop effective strategies for attracting and retaining members. The Membership Engagement Committee members are ambassadors of the Association Forum. They take a hands-on approach by creating and implementing innovative outreach campaigns and initiatives that help us attract new members and foster a more profound sense of involvement and loyalty among existing members.  

The Committee:

  • Identifies the needs of members and recommends the development of services to meet those needs
  • Recommends means for increasing membership.
  • Recommends ways in which to make prospective and current members aware of the resources, services, and membership benefits.
  • Welcomes new members and recommends ways to acknowledge new members and encourage participation in activities.
  • Identifies and collects information related to nonmembers' needs and perceptions of Association Forum. Recommends ways in which to meet these needs to attract nonmembers to join.

The Committee Is Recommended for Members Who Are:

  • Association professionals and supporting members with a broad understanding of association management membership and leadership experience.

Time Commitment:

  • Bi-monthly committee meetings
  • Participation in monthly Forum membership open calls
  • Attend Forum membership events, if possible

2024-25 Members

Nikki Palluzzi, CAE, Chair
Norma Castrejon, CAE, Vice Chair
Scott Brody, CAE, IOM
Nathan Chamberlain, CAE
Malia Cook-Artis, CAE
Kristen Erickson, CAE
Sofi Garcia
Emily Harris, MBA, CAE
Clare Johnson
Anastasia Kemper
JoAnna Leon
Robert Morowczynski
Stephanie Parham
Tracy Schorle
Larisa Sutton, CAE
Bridget Terrones
Rachel Tristano, CAE, RCE, AHWD, PSAT, ePRO, RENE, PMN
Liz Urban
Evan Williams, CAE, IOM
Paul Young
Denise  Zoephel

Board Liaison
Jackie Price Osafo, MBA, CAE

Staff Liaison
Carrie Dellamano, CPRP