Public Policy Advisory Council (PPAC)

Public Policy Advisory Council (PPAC) Charter 

Purpose and Scope 

PPAC identifies, prioritizes, reviews, and monitors legislative and regulatory developments at the federal, state, and local levels, and manages related government affairs activity.  

PPAC focuses on matters that directly affect or may directly affect a majority of Chicagoland associations. PPAC does not seek to become involved in issues common to the entire Chicagoland business community.  

PPAC is guided by two Association Forum (AF) principles:  

  1. Promote freedom of association practice and good governance. 
  1. Promote growth of the association community in Chicagoland. 


PPAC was established by the AF Board of Directors (Board).  

Composition and Terms

PPAC seeks to maintain a standing membership of 7-9 members (more or less as may be needed from time to time). Members may include members of the Forum Board of Directors and one Director shall be appointed to serve as Chair and Board Liaison. Members are appointed by the President and CEO upon approval of the PPAC Chair. Members may be removed by the President and CEO after consultation with the PPAC Chair. Members serve a one-year term at the beginning of AF’s fiscal year (April) and concluding the following year (March). Members may be reappointed to subsequent terms as may be needed and desirable to serve the interests of the Forum. 

Reporting and Key Relationships

PPAC will work in partnership with the President and CEO.  It will maintain a standard item on regular board of directors’ meetings. 


Kathleen Burbidge, Chair

Brian Bernardoni  

Mary Kate Cunningham, CAE 

Fred Grubbe 

Jed Mandel, JD 

Rob Paterkiewicz, MBA, CAE, IOM 

Kimberly A. Pendo, JD 

Paul Pomerantz, CAE, FASAE 

Ted Thurn 

Lindsay Wagahoff 

Association Forum Staff Liaison

Caryn Adolph