Diversity Reading

The concept of a Welcoming Environment™ has been underlining recent headlines and discussions. Whether through legalized discrimination or customer complaints of harassment, businesses are facing increasing challenges building a welcoming environment. While associations are non-profits, we still exist to generate profit and advance our mission. We therefore need to pay close attention to what our members (our customers) experience when interacting with our products, services, staff, and each other.


These stories explore the implementation of a Welcoming Environment™ and include best practices:

Encouraging Employees to Talk about Race

FORUM Cover Story:  Opening Minds, Opening Doors Through 'WE'

More Campus Racism: Dean of School with ‘Happiest Students’ Resigns

Do you Roll out the Red Carpet for Your LGBTQ Patrons?

Inspiration: Don't Believe in Change, Step Aside

How to Make Conferences More Inviting

Welcoming Environment™ for Those with Disabilities

Case Study: What Not To Do

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