Association Management Essentials



Association Forum is proud to present the Association Management Essentials series, designed to meet the growing needs of your entry and mid-level employees. This series consists of half-day explorations of core management essentials to build your team’s potential! A certificate of completion will be awarded to those participants who complete the entire series. For those seeking a refresher, you can also register for individual courses.

Each session is a half-day of learning and networking.

Member: $225 Non-Member: $300

Recommended Pre-Requisite: Association 101 - 8.7.18
An orientation for association professionals, Association 101 is designed to provide a solid foundation of knowledge and appreciation for the unique environment, culture and dynamics of associations.

  Governance Essentials: Effective Practices for Staff - 7.27.18
High performing organizations depend on good governance practices. Association Management Center (AMC) recognizes that association staff play a critical role in promoting the good governance practices that support high performance.  However, these principles are rarely taught to association staff; most learning is accomplished “on the job.”  Drawing on its rich history of establishing frameworks in which boards of directors are able to function at a high level, AMC has developed this half-day workshop that will present core governance practices with a focus on the "nuts and bolts" of good governance.

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Finance for the Non-Finance Professional - 8.14.18
During this course, you will enhance your financial acumen by learning how to examine and analyze financial statements, discuss how to prepare and monitor a program budget and review Form 990. This course is designed for non-financial professionals and will give you the tools to manage a program or department budget.
Ins and Outs of Association Law - 9.26.18
During this course, you will learn about governance, tax, contracts, intellectual property, and antitrust. You will laugh.  You will cry.  You will come away knowing a lot more than you do know about legal issues for non-profits. This course is designed for non-legal professionals and will give you an understanding of laws impacting your work and your association.

Membership 360 - 10.25.18
Retaining your members isn't just in what you do the last few months of each year; every element of your association plays a role in why your members join and remain your members, or why they leave. This course will frame your Membership Strategies from a holistic perspective, and help you approach evaluating your programs and communications from a Member Value perspective, while providing real-world examples you can take back with you.