Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)™

Shared Interest Groups

Volunteer for Your SIG

Shared Interest Group Chair or Vice-Chair

This Position:

  • Works with SIG vice-chair to plan SIG events (minimum of two SIG Summits per year).

  • Works with staff to promote the events and encourage participation.

  • Assists in identifying a successor.

This Position is Recommended for:

  • Active participants in a SIG or anyone interested in further developing the activity of a SIG.

  • Members who are passionate about a particular interest area and in sharing experiences with colleagues.

  • Members who would like to further develop their leadership skills and be recognized as a leader in their area of interest.

Time Commitment:

  • Mandatory participation in SIG Summit planning meetings as assigned.

  • Participation in leadership calls.

  • Coordination of a minimum of two SIG Summits per fiscal year.

Staff Contact

Director of Membership & Marketing

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About SIGs

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are a member-exclusive benefit! They provide a no-pressure environment to learn from and network with like-minded peers in your community. There are 14 different SIGs, each meeting twice a year. Participate in one (or all of them!) to maximize your learning and networking potential.

Don’t forget to bring a friend! Non-members can attend one complimentary event before becoming a member of Association Forum.