Healthcare Collaborative

About the Healthcare Collaborative
Chicago represents the largest geographic concentration of healthcare professional organizations in the United States. Chicago is also home to many of this nation's premier universities, hospitals, payers, patient organizations, innovators, and think tanks. With this critical mass, we have the opportunity to convene our healthcare community, help transcend industry segments, and facilitate collaborative solutions to the pressing challenges we all face.

Why healthcare executives will find this program valuable:

  • Explore healthcare trends and how to prepare your members accordingly
  • Gain insights around health equity, workforce resilience, and mental health services
  • Understand the five major forces that shape healthcare trends today


Top three takeaways:

  • Return with ideas on how to evolve your association staff to best anticipate, and meet the changes in the healthcare landscape
  • Determine how your association can be a bigger player and part of the conversation at the national level
  • How your association can best support healthcare clinicians and administrators as they face continued stress and burnout


Healthcare Collaborative Advisory Committee

Name Title Organization
Thomas Arend, CAE CEO American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
Pat Blake CEO Heart Rhythms Society 
Deborah Bowen, FACHE, CAE President and CEO American College of Healthcare Executives
Linda Caradine-Poinsett, PhD, MBA, MJ, Co-Chair CEO American College of Prosthodontists
Steven Collens CEO MATTER
Laura M. Downes, CAE CEO Arthroscopy Association of North America
Matthew D'Uva, FASAE, CAE CEO American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases
Greg Heidrich CEO Society of Actuaries
Matt Hornberger, CAE, MBA CEO Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists
Marvin Lindsey, MSW, CADC CEO Community Behavioral Healthcare Association of Illinois
Laurie McGraw, Co-Chair Senior Vice President, Health Solutions American Medical Association
Stephanie Mercado, CAE CEO/Executive Director National Association for Healthcare Quality
Bob Moore, CAE Executive Director American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians
Paul Pomerantz, CAE, FASAE Chief Executive Officer American Society of Anesthesiologists
Roger Quick Founder and Vice Chairman Quick Leonard Kieffer International
Rich Schuch, Ed.D Sr. Director Education & Operations American College of Chest Physicians
Terrence Sykes, MBA Chief Development Officer Emergency Nurses Association
Rich Waters, MBA VP Marketing & Communications American Board of Medical Specialties