FORUM Centennial Signature Articles

FORUM Centennial Signature Articles

To commemorate Association Forum’s Centennial Celebration, in each 2016 issue of FORUM, we take a look back at some of our Signature Stories from the past 10 years and where they stand today.

May 2016

Sharing the Vision: Lions Club International Continues to Give the Gift of Sight

The major vision initiatives of Lions Club International were shared in a March 2007 FORUM article, "Sharing the Vision." Today, the active global network continues those initiatives and more, reaching out to millions via a variety of vision and other health-related programs.

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April 2016

Doing It Best, Then Doing it Better

The healthcare industry has been in a state of constant flux, challenging the way hospitals do business on a daily basis. From quality patient care to industry compliance to overall safety, these factors constantly demand change in an industry whose culture is admittedly change-averse. Additionally, with regular news stories about incidences of harm to patients, consumer confidence has reached record lows. In June 2012, FORUM published a Signature Story titled "Beating Themselves" about a healthcare organization that since 1989 has defined a counterculture to the industry - the Society of Thoracic Surgeons. Today, the society continues spreading the value of transparency.

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March 2016

A Drop to Drink: 10 Years Later

The world has seen many natural disasters in the past 15 years, but none were deadlier than the Indian Ocean tsunami that devastated Southeast Asia on Dec. 26, 2004. In June 2005, FORUM Magazine detailed the Water Quality Association’s response to the tsunami in its Signature Story, "A Drop to Drink." Through coordination with relief organizations and other associations, WQA was able to help prevent a potentially devastating public health crisis from occurring. Since then, some passionate WQA members saw the need to support developing regions on a full-time basis, and Wishing Well International Foundation was founded to meet the need for clean drinking water around the world.

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Jan/Feb 2016

This Close! “Two Drops, One Life”: 10 Years Later

In October 2005, FORUM explored Rotary International’s massive global initiative, PolioPlus, which aims to tackle global polio eradication through the mass vaccination of children. The issue’s Signature Story, “Two Drops, One Life,” discussed PolioPlus’ mission, history and successes in fighting to eradicate the global polio crisis. So where does the initiative stand a decade later?

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