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A Conversation about Mindfulness, Empowerment and Boundaries for Association Professionals

Discussions about mental health in the workplace have significantly increased over the past few years. This is a positive sign as the stigma is decreasing, but concerning if team members are suffering without a safe place to get help. Some organizations talk about mental health, establishing boundaries, and promoting self-care while others do not. 
As association professionals, how can we foster a positive, open environment where vulnerability and honesty can coexist with the pressures of a professional, high-performing association? How can we bring mindfulness practices to our roles working with volunteers so we can together advance the mission of the association? 

This session will explore key aspects of mindfulness and how it affects our roles as association professionals today.   



Wednesday, February 21, 2023
12–1 p.m.
CEU Credits: 1




Learning Outcomes

  • Recognize the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace

  • Understand staff and volunteer mental health challenges to decrease stigma and raise awareness

  • Identify opportunities to integrate self-care practices into your daily life

Moderated By:


Katie Callahan-Giobbi

Katie Callahan-Giobbi
Head of Business Development & Industry Relations



Laura Vera
Associate Director, Quality Innovation
American Academy of Dermatology




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