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Marilyn currently resides in Chicago, IL. She is Chicago Defender's 2017 Women of Excellence honoree. Before joining AHIMA and the world of association management, Marilyn spent several years in commercial real estate development and asset management. She is experienced in volunteer leadership management, chapters, and awards and recognition programs for volunteers. She is a licensed Notary for the State of Illinois.

At the Forum, she is currently Vice-Chair of the Welcoming Environment Organizational Committee and a former member of the Awards and Recognition Committee. In her spare time, she is an active traveler with a great interest in the New York Broadway shows, plays, and the opera, museums, and other cultural activities. She continues to consult in land development ideas for underused commercial properties in Chicago's south side communities.

The most recent book I read was Sacred Ground: The Chicago Streets of Timuel Black.

What I would like to do as a second career is to develop and preserve Chicago's history in various areas of the City. I vision a centralized museum of Chicago's neighborhood culture all under one roof.